Palliative Care

Palliative care is healthcare for individuals of any age who have a serious illness. Its goal is to ease pain and symptoms and provide support and information to patients and their loved ones. The Lower Cape Fear Hospice palliative care team works with a patient’s physician to determine the best medical plan of care.

Palliative Care is about improving quality of life.

One in four Americans has multiple chronic conditions (heart and renal disease, diabetes, COPD, cancer, and dementia); it increases to three in four Americans if they are age 65 and older. Palliative care can help.

Our palliative program provides an extra layer of quality, compassionate care and support for those facing serious illness. It is available from time of diagnosis while curative treatment is ongoing.

  • Ease pain and symptoms
  • Fewer hospitalizations and for those hospitalized, a shorter stay
  • Help, support and improve coordination of care
  • Assist with discussions about goals of care
  • Provide information and support on advance care planning

Every patient and their family facing serious illness deserves palliative care.

Serving Patients Right Where They Live

  • Private homes
  • Assisted living and skilled nursing facilities
  • Hospitals

Together we make A DIFFERENCE.

Our expert palliative care providers work closely with your existing physicians. It is a team-oriented approach to help with physical and psychosocial needs such as pain, nausea, vomiting, breathing difficulties, fatigue, confusion, and depression.

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