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Begin the Conversation about your end of life care

Our Begin the Conversation program encourages people to begin the conversation about end of life care wishes before a crisis occurs. We want everyone to talk about end of life and understand that advance care planning is process to identify your healthcare choices and communicate them to family and healthcare providers.

Begin the Conversation encourages understanding about possible future health choices, thinking about these choices in light of what is important, talking about decisions with loved ones and doctors, and putting plans in writing.

It’s time to face the elephant in the room and talk about your end-of-life wishes. Don’t wait! It’s a gift.

In life we prepare for everything – college, marriage, a baby, retirement – but we rarely begin the conversation about end of life. BEGIN to EDUCATE, PREPARE, COMMUNICATE, DOCUMENT, ACT, EMPOWER. Make your healthcare choices today!

BTC mapAdvance care planning requires filling out healthcare documents, such as a Healthcare Power of Attorney form, a Living Will and a POLST form. However, conversation is a key part of the advance care planning process. If you can’t speak for yourself, the people you choose to carry out your healthcare wishes must know exactly what you want. Don’t assume they know what’s best for you. Documenting your end-of-life wishes is a gift.

Begin the Conversation provides tips and tools to help you create your end-of-life healthcare directives. It’s important to Begin the Conversation about advance care planning now before a crisis occurs and you can’t speak for yourself.

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